Keys to the VIP (A Professional League for Players) (Season 1)


A hilarious and great reality show, “Keys to the VIP” is everything that “The Pick-up Artist” wanted to be and never was. Containing a panel of 4 judges, the show pins 2 pick-up artists against each other in a set of 3 challenges. The show is all real, filmed with undercover cameras to capture the smooth lines and terrible fumbles as the guys try their best to attain phone numbers. Meanwhile, in a separate location, the judges watch the footage and critique how much game each guy has. At times the guys are amazing and skilled, at others they are just shameful. It is always fun to see the many things that might happen, including pick-up lines and reactions! The winner of the show gets a VIP party which is always showed as a montage in the last 2 minutes of the show. For some reason this always includes the winner shirtless. The best moment was when the two contestants were so awful that the judges awarded the win to a random guy and then the montage is of the random guy!

I absolutely love every moment of this show. The commentary is excellent, the guys are hilarious, and the women are unpredictable. The show has appeal for both men and women. I was also glad to read from participants that none of the show is faked.

For a great episode of the best skill, check out season 1 episode 5! Then watch all of season 1 and 2 on Hulu.

I give it 9 stars!


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