Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend (Ep. 1)


Clearly someone watched “Tool Academy” and thought, “If only I could make a reality show that is equally entertaining. I know, I’ll have a subpar host find NICE men!” But what happens when you have men compete against each other? They turn into tools.

The group of 8 men chosen out of hundreds of thousands (umm.. hard to believe..) who are competing for the title of “Genuine Ken” or “The Great American Boyfriend” look and act like rejects from the “I Love New York” show. While I don’t doubt that a couple of them may be nice, they all clearly spend too much time on their hair, eyebrows, and smiling very awkwardly. All I could think the entire time was that none of the smiles were genuine.

During the first episode, host Whitney Port (The Hills) challenges the men to perform a talent. Unfortunately, it appears that about half the group is delusional and less than entertaining. And calling the show “Genuine Ken” isn’t just a random reference- the show is laden with Barbie symbols and allusions, featured a judge from Barbie corporate, and strange product placement (is the target audience filled with Barbie consumers?).

So, do these men have girlfriends? Are they actually great boyfriends or does passing a series of contests count as being a great boyfriend? Are these men DATING AMERICA? What is the prize?

It’s an awful, cheesy, silly show. But yeah, I’m going to watch. (And I promise to mock it!)
I advise watching this show with girlfriends and wine. It’s worth the laughs.
Check it out now on Hulu.

I give it 3 stars!


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