Strange Love


How do I describe this show? Well, imagine that your somewhat fit grandmother got drunk and only had the clothes of a 20-year old and then started hooking up with a rapping b-boy time traveler who doesn’t realize he is now 30 years too old for his actions. Now give them a show.

“Strange Love” baffles me. Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav found each other on the “Surreal Life” and had some sort of fling. Brigitte goes home to Milan where she has a 20-something year old fiance who TIES HER SHOES FOR HER. And not because she’s not capable. Flav flys to Europe in order to spend more time with Brigitte. The whole thing is an absolute mess; the man is not cultured enough for Europe (or being in public, really), Brigitte gets on stage at a Public Enemy concert (SOOO uncomfortable), and the two of them call each other gorgeous with no irony.

Meanwhile, the show’s producers are constantly trying to play up the fact that VH1 in no way take either of the pair seriously- anytime Flav says something ridiculous, we suddenly receive a soundtrack of that phrase being sung in an uptempo melody. Watching the show makes me nauseous but I admit there were several times when I laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

You can certainly find all 11 episodes on Hulu, or you can just get a velociraptor drunk at a strip club. I promise it will be far more sexy.

I give it 2 stars!



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