Monday Monday


This British comedy seems more like parts of a movie than a television show. The focus is the head office of Butterworth’s Supermarket, which due to hard times has moved from London to Leeds. The main character is Sally, who’s fiance left her for her sister and who works as a personal assistant to scatterbrained alcoholic Christine. I adore every character in the show and all of the dramatic twists. While I never felt that the show hit any extreme high or lows, I appreciated the plot greatly and could not be more delighted by the ending. I recommend the show for those who especially enjoy British humor or the character of Erica in “Being Erica.”

I give it 7 stars!


2 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Do you know if there’s a Series 2? Just recently discovered this show on NetFlix, and apparently this show aired in 2009. Been looking all over the ‘net for more info on the cancellation or renewal of this show to no avail.

    • It was originally meant to air in 2007 but was put on hold until 2009. It had terrible ratings though, so no, to my knowledge (and research) it didn’t have a second season.

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