Lovespring International


This hilarious and quirky comedy aired in 2006 and has a myriad of guest stars. The show itself is about 6 employees (including Wendi McLendon-Covey from Reno 911!) at a dating service, owned by Victoria (Jane Lynch). The comedy is dirty and super duper strange and the company is, of course, very unsuccessful. The receptionist reminds me of Brittany from “Glee” while the rest of the cast is perfect in their oddball roles. Each of the employees is very unsuccessful in love themselves, from Lydia who has been dating a married man for 20 years; to Burke who is married to a woman but clearly prefers men; to the therapist who has some very, very strange fetishes.

Check out stars like Tim Meadows, Sean Hayes, Michael McDonald and Eric McCormack as they add to the silly and improbable LoveSpring scenarios. Each episode ends with brief improv and bloopers and it shows just how much fun the cast really has.

I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys quirky, off-color comedies and who knows how to laugh at the absurd. Check out all 13 episodes on Hulu.

I give it 7 stars!


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