Three Moons Over Milford


A totally cheesy ABC Family show, “Three Moons Over Milford” asks the question, What would you do if the world was ending?

The show revolves around the premise that an asteroid has hit the moon, breaking it into three pieces that could fall at any time. The town of Milford begins to go crazy– folks start living their wildest dreams, acting strangely, or leaving all together. Others just try to continue living. The Davis family seems to be in the middle of it all. The father/husband has left his family in financial trouble while he climbs mountains so Laura (essentially Lorelei from Gilmore Girls) must cope with her daughter burning down a school, her 16 year old son falling for a 29 year old, and a cute lawyer who wants to help her despite her married status.

The show is okay, lasting only 8 episodes, and had an interesting premise. In all honesty though, I wanted to see what happened between Alex and Claire (the 16 yr old and 29 yr old). Otherwise, I was rather in different at the conclusion. It’s a pity it ended on a cliff hanger but I don’t intend to give the show any further thought.

I give it 4 stars!

Only reason to watch!


2 thoughts on “Three Moons Over Milford

    • Yeah it actually aired in 2005 but definitely fits the 2012 end of the world drama. I had only vaguely heard of it before I came across it on Hulu and figured I’d give it a shot!

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