Happy Endings


I’ve read some rave reviews claiming that “Happy Endings” will be the next “Friends” and honestly I don’t agree. I don’t think the show will define a generation or be watched on repeat in DVD box sets for years to come. That being said, however, I think the show is hilarious and a fun comedy.

This NBC show revolves around a fun cast of 6 friends: (1) Alex who leaves (2) Dave at the alter, (3) Jane, Alex’s sister who is married to (4) Brad, (5) Max, Dave’s close and nonflamboyent gay friend, and (6) Penny, a hilarious nutcase and my personal favorite.

With random stars, guest stars, and star producers, I think the show has a great ensemble and fantastic writing. I’m not sure that it can last the long haul but I think the comedy is strong enough to attract some attention and certainly will keep me watching.

“Do you know how hard it is to get slut off egyptian cotton?” -Jane

I recommend this show for anyone who likes “Mr. Sunshine.”

I give it 8 stars!


4 thoughts on “Happy Endings

  1. Karen

    It’s only a hit to those A) under 25 and B) those working for the network and telling us it’s a hit. Far from being a FRIENDS replacement, I DO NOT know anyone who watches it.

    • I think the show wasn’t advertised enough. I hadn’t heard about it until I started watching it on hulu. That being said, my friends who watch it love it as do I. Then again, yes, we’re under 25.

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