More Canceled Shows


As is expected, more shows have been canceled. While none of them are too shocking, here is a list of the recent R.I.P. additions, with comments on the ones I watched.

Lie to Me– I’m truly upset to be losing this one. “Lie to Me” took the typical crime solving drama and pushed it further. With the snark of a “House” episode, Dr. Cal Lightman would interrogate suspects and determine whether or not they were telling the truth based on the science of facial analysis and body language. The cases were always interesting and the characters were a fun group. In truth, the third season was more action packed but less interesting than the first two. I hoped that things would pick up again but sadly it is too late. My suggestion is that you DEFINITELY watch the first episode. If you like it, watch the first season.

Real Housewives of D.C.

In Treatment

Lights Out

Breaking In– Though very unrealistic, “Breaking In” was canceled before it was really given a chance. Starring Bret Harrison (from Reaper) as a computer hacker who is blackmailed to work for Christian Slater, the show had an unrealistic but fun cast. All stereotypes were met- the crazy boss, a gadget nerd, a hot chick and her tool boyfriend, and of course, our protagonist who’d like to win her heart. The show didn’t have a whole lot going for it but the fast pace and quirky comedy kept me entertained. I’m not sure that there would have been a TON of storyline but I also wouldn’t have minded a complete season, either.

The Cape

Human Target

Glory Daze

The Chicago Code– I heard this was good and yet it was canceled. Any thoughts from someone who watched it?

The Paul Reiser Show– This one makes me mad simply because it took the place of “Perfect Couples” which was a MUCH better show!


Stargate Universe

Running Wilde– An awful show. Honestly, I love Will Arnett and I love Keri Russell and yet this show was barely watchable. Instead of being quirky, Arnett was just cringe-worthy and there appeared to be no chemistry between the two actors. Basically, Will was a rich jerk, Keri Russell was an environmentalist with a daughter and they all end up living together. It was even worse than that sounds. I think Arnett should just channel his efforts into that Arrested Development movie that we’ve all been waiting for.

Traffic Light– Another great show that is being canceled before it’s time, “Traffic Light” is a sitcom that seems to ask every other sitcom, “Why aren’t you guys ever driving anywhere?” And it’s true: though we all spend so much time in cars, sitcoms hardly ever have scenes from behind the wheel. In the show, three male friends lead their lives, often in cars, while dealing with women, kids, jobs, etc. They are truly living the traffic light life: One married (red), one single (green), and one in the in between (yellow). I think the show included realistic couples and problems and seemed to approach the humor in daily events in a new way. I believe that this show would be a hit with many men and perhaps it just did not reach this audience. I suggest everyone give the show a try, even though it is coming to an end.

Ace of Cakes– But what will we watch while hungry or drunk or when we can’t find the remote??

What shows do you wish hadn’t been canceled?


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