I’ve been missing “True Blood” to no end lately and so I decided to satisfy my Stephen Moyer craving by watching “NY-LON,” a show about a long distance relationship between Michael (Moyer) in London and Edie (Rashida Jones) in New York. Though the title is clever, the show seems more like reality than entertainment. NOT that it is a reality show by any means, however the storyline plays out in a very realistic fashion, showcasing the many ups and downs in such a relationship. At times, the story seems to move in real-time and each 45 minute episode seemed to take hours to watch. Despite an interesting use of split screens and a great pair of leading actors, I found myself alternately bored and frustrated. Both characters are stubborn and seem to look for a fight instead of enjoying their time together. I watched the whole thing play out and though the show was only 7 episodes, I don’t honestly need more.

Do you agree with me? Check it out on hulu.

I give it 4/10 stars!


2 thoughts on “NY-LON

  1. NIA1212

    Loved the show… It was the closest thing to real life issues that it upset me when I found out it was only 7episodes long…

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