Eli Stone (Season 1)


“Eli Stone” is a fantastic show and I’m sad that I waited until this time to watch it, two years after its cancellation.

Eli Stone is a lawyer looking to make the big bucks and work his way up the corporate ladder. He’s engaged to his bosses daughter, lives a good life, and, other than his deceased alcoholic father, seems to have no burdens. This all comes to a halt when George Michael appears in his living room. This visions helps Eli discover that he has a brain aneurysm but also helps him take on an interesting court case. So are Eli’s new visions a result of his illness or of divine intervention?

I adore this show and I breezed through the first season (13 episodes) in a matter of a couple days. The dialogue is witty, there are random dance numbers, and it is interesting to see the path that Eli’s life takes. The show seems to pose the question, “How can you make a difference?” while asking, “How would God speak to a prophet?”

Despite the serious topics, the show has a very light feel to it and I’m constantly cheering Eli on while debating which woman I would like him involved with.

I give this show 8 stars!


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