The Voice


I admit, from the very moment that I saw my very first “The Voice” commercial, I knew I would watch it. Secretly though, I wanted to hate on it. I wanted to compare it to “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent” and every other reality talent show, and I wanted it to come up short.

It doesn’t.

Now, that’s not to say that it’s perfect or even that new of an idea. But it is at least a little different from everything else and for me, that’s enough.

In the first round, the singer’s perform one at a time (or in pairs if that is their act) while the judges must use only their voice and not appearance to pick. The judges cover a span of genres: Christina Aguilera (pop diva), Adam Levin (crooner of Maroon 5), Cee Lo Green (the funky, out there), and Blake Shelton (country). The idea of picker the singers solely based on voice is fantastic… but I would have liked to have had that opportunity too. Instead, the audience and viewers see the artist all along. I guess I could have looked away? If more than one judge picks a contestant, the contestant then gets to choose whose team they would like to be on.

Once the judges each picked 8 singers, we moved into round two. These 8 singers formed that judge’s team and the judge then chose two singers to battle against each other. These match-ups have been AMAZING and the song choices have been interesting as well. While I don’t always agree with the judge’s choices, I do know that Javier gives me goosebumps, Frenchie rocks out, I love watching Beverly, and that I think Blake made a mistake picking Patrick Harris over the nerdy ginger.

In the next round, the winners of the battles will form each judges team of 4, who will (presumably) continue to battle.

The show is very entertaining to watch, from amazing singers to Christina Aguilera’s hot mess outfits/lipstick. Though I watched a slew of finales tonight, it was somehow the nonfinale episode of “The Voice” that had me most entertained.

Also, I call it now, I think Javier should win.

Do you think “The Voice” will make it more than one season? Voice your opinion below!

I give it 7 stars!