Hell’s Kitchen (Season 10)



Hell’s Kitchen is one of the shows I would like to stop watching but won’t. Though the format is somewhat of a pattern, the personalities on the show always keep things interesting. As I watched the first two episodes of season 10, I came up with a set of rules that contestants should but don’t follow:

1. Learn to cook scallops.

2. Do not serve raw fish.

3. Never say “I’m probably a better chef than Chef Ramsay.”

4. Learn to cook beef wellington.

5. Do not say “You are so lucky we’re not in the hood.”

6. If Chef Scott hands you a potato puree, check that it’s not cauliflower.

7. Don’t cook 6 fish if only 3 have been ordered.

8. Don’t make statements like “Men cook better than women. It’s a proven fact.”

9. Perfect your signature dish.

10. Don’t get drunk the night before a challenge or a service.

Now, if only I knew how to cook, I swear I could win!