Genuine Ken (Finale)


I can’t even pretend to be excited about this. The two finalists were exactly who I predicted in the finals from the very first episode and while the winner wasn’t the one I had guessed, watching the finale episode certainly made me agree with the selection.


This guy won.

Congrats, Kurtis. His winnings included a Ken doll being created in his likeness, a modeling contract, and .. money maybe? Honestly, both the guys are/were great but the show was nothing special. Nice try, Mattel/Barbie brand.

I give it 3 stars.


4 thoughts on “Genuine Ken (Finale)

  1. kaytlin

    Im happy for curtis that he won but i was rooting for chrisssss! I was already sad when they made david go home he really truley the perfect boyfriend </3

    • I was rooting for chris too. And i think the problem is that we don’t actually know that ANY of these guys are good boyfriends… we never spoke to any of their girlfriends or anyone who knows them. They were just good people.

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