Secret Circle: Not Worth Watching


Seeing that The Secret Circle was available on Netflix, I was excited to dive it. A teen CW drama focusing on witches, I figured the show would be right up my alley.

Nope. The drama and silly plots I tend to be drawn to were there but the show lacks.. something. I couldn’t connect with the characters, didn’t care if they lived, and found myself thinking more about the plot holes than I did anything else.

The gist is this: After her mother is murdered, Cassie Blake moves to live with her grandmother. As she meets people from her mother and father’s pasts, Cassie learns she is a witch–and not the only one.

Fine. I was intrigued by this for approximately 1.5 episodes. But the show gets complicated–everyone has had an affair with everyone and this is somehow made boring and confusing. Cassie and her fellow witches in the circle keep trusting people only to be betrayed time and again. STOP TRUSTING PEOPLE GIVING YOU ADVICE ON MAGIC.

And then there are crystals that can kill people or bring them back to life.

Nope. Sorry. Dumb and poorly executed.

It’s a pity, though. I wanted to like the show but couldn’t. After 22 episodes, the CW cancelled the series, never giving it a second season.

I’m surprised it made it 22 episodes. I’m even more surprised I made it 22 episodes.


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